The HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition Release Notes...


Version :  HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition 2008 -

Date :      20th of May 2008

* Added : HelpVistaAeroForm Control
* Added : HelpXPForm Control
* Added : HelpVistaAeroButton Control


Added : HelpVistaXPHookMenu Control
* Added : HelpVistaXPLargListView Control
* Added : HelpVistaXPComboBox Control
* Added : HelpVistaXPPictureBox Control
* Added : clsNewTimer Object with clsTimerProc Object
* Added : clsHookingThunk Object with clsHookSink Object
* Added : clsCommonDlg Object
* Added : clsScrollBars Object
* Added : clsSubclassingThunk with clsSubclassingSink Object
  Samples of Controls:
* Added : HelpVistaAeroForm Project
* Added : HelpXPForm Project
* Added : HelpVistaAeroButton Project
* Added : HelpVistaXPHookMenu Project
* Added : HelpVistaXPLargListView Project
* Added : HelpVistaXPComboBox Project
* Added : HelpVistaXPPictureBox Project
  Samples of Classes:
* Added : clsCommonDlg Project
* Added : clsHookingThunk Project
* Added : clsNewTimer Project
* Added : clsScrollBars Project
* Added : clsSubclassingThunk Project
  Samples of Applications:
* Added : Cash Book Project
* Added : Msgbox Demo Project
* Added : HelpVistaXPDiamond Upgrade Utility
* Added : Product Resources


Removed : MenuArrowColor property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuBackColor property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuBorderColor property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuCBoxNormalColor property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuCBoxSelectedColor property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuCheckArrowColor property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuCheckBoxBorder property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuDisableSelecting property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuForeColor property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuOffsetGradient1 property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuOffsetGradient2 property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuOffsetGradientDirection property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuSelectedBorderColor property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuSelectedGradient1 property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuSelectedGradient2 property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuSelectedGradientDirection property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : MenuShadowColor property in HelpVistaForm
* Removed : AllowForeColorDown property in HelpVistaXPLabel
* Removed : ForeColorDown property in HelpVistaXPLabel
* Removed :TickColor Property in HelpVistaXPOptionButton
* Removed :TickHoverColor Property in HelpVistaXPOptionButton
* Removed :ButtonGradientColor1 Property in HelpVistaXPOptionButton
* Removed :ButtonGradientColor2 Property in HelpVistaXPOptionButton
* Added : AllowRowDecration property in HelpVistaXPListBox
* Added : RowDecrationClr1 property in HelpVistaXPListBox
* Added : Enabled property in HelpVistaXPListBox
* Added : RowDecrationClr2 property in HelpVistaXPListBox
* Added : GradientOnOver1 property in HelpVistaXPOptionButton
* Added : GradientOnOver2 property in HelpVistaXPOptionButton
* Added : SelectedBackGradient1 property in HelpVistaXPCalender
* Added : SelectedBackGradient2 property in HelpVistaXPCalender
* Added : RowGradient property in clsLItem
* Added : RowGradientColor1 property in clsLItem
* Added : ClearAllIconsAddedBySetIcons method in HelpVistaXPListBox
* Added : GetIconAddedBySetIcons method in HelpVistaXPListBox
* Added : RemoveIconAddedBySetIcons method in HelpVistaXPListBox
* Added : SetIconByFile method in HelpVistaXPListBox
* Added : SetIconByImage method in HelpVistaXPListBox
* Added : ExecuteLink routine has been changed in to the pvExecuteLink routine in HelpVistaXPLabel
  Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Bug with function when mouse move at HelpVistaXPLabel
* Fixed Bug debug error at HelpVistaXPImageList
* Fixed Bug hooking error at HelpVistaXPDPicker
* When one column is available in the HelpVistaXPListBox and SetFirstColumnAsFixed flag is true, a error occured while runtime and it has been fixed.
* When ListIndex property of the HelpVistaXPListBox sets some value, It does not scroll the list to show the specified ListIndex and this error has been successfully fixed.
* When adds multi rows into the HelpVistaXPListBox and if user process the ClearAll routine of the HelpVistaXPListBox a error occured and program crashed. This error has been successfully handled.
* Most of controls have one same problem which is, the program or project crash when programmer use End statement in the coding. The base of this bug is subclassing or hooking. But, now both subclassing and hooking memory leaks has been successfully fixed.
* HelpVistaXPLabel, HelpVistaXPCheckBox, HelpVistaXPOptionButton have one same bug which is about their transparent at the runtime and it has been successfully fixed now.
* HelpVistaXPLabel, HelpVistaXPCheckBox, HelpVistaXPOptionButton have one same big problem when programmer creates large application using theses controls which is, the whole program is slow down. This master bug has been fixed and all controls come for better fast now.
* When now records at the HelpVistaXPListBox and setting ListIndex property to some index help to make stuck your machine and this huge bug has been fixed successfully.
* Added : Release Notes


Thank you for using the HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition 2008...

  • We would like to extend our thanks to those developers who notified us of some of the above issues, and who assisted us in testing this version of HelpVistaXPDiamond

  • We also offer our gratitude to everyone who has purchased HelpVistaXPDiamond. Your great feedback alone has made HelpVistaXPDiamond a worthwhile project.

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